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International Author, Lecturer & Art Detective

Montreal Torah Centre

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Sistine Chapel

Vatican City

About Roy Doliner

International Author, Lecturer & Art Detective

Roy Doliner is the co-author of the international best-seller The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo’s Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican.  After its initial USA release, The Sistine Secrets has become a perennial bestseller for art history and the Renaissance in over 26 countries and 15 languages.  In Italy, the book is now a standard for teachers, students and tour guides in the Vatican.  Roy's decoding of Michelangelo’s secret messages has been the subject of several television documentaries: ABC/Nightline in the US, Enigma in Italy, and NipponTV in Japan. The Discovery Channel recently filmed a special documentary on the many secrets of Michelangelo that he has uncovered around Italy. It has already aired to high ratings in several countries, including Canada and the USA.


Since the news of Michelangelo’s secrets erupted, Roy has been flown around the world to speak about his discoveries and adventures in art history and his work in inter-religious understanding. Some of the venues where  he has spoken are: the Knesset in Israel, the Presidential Palace of Italy, the Capitol Hill Museum of Rome, the Columbus Centre in Toronto, the prestigious lecture series at the Treasury Executive Institute in the U.S. Mint in Washington (personally presented by the Treasurer General of the USA), a special-live-broadcast evening at the 92nd St. Y in NYC, Yale University, Italian embassies in Canada and Israel, the Rotary Clubs of Rome and Messina, Augustana Lutheran College in Indiana, the Spiro Ark in London (along with many interviews on the BBC), book festivals from San Diego to Sicily and many times inside the Sistine Chapel itself.


Roy is also constantly contacted by some of the top art historians, museums, curators and artists in Italy.  He is often called in to solve mysteries in the art world, almost like Dan Brown’s fictional “art detective” Robert Langdon - luckily, so far, without any trail of murder victims. A few years ago, this climaxed in the discovery of a lost masterpiece of Michelangelo - his original terra-cotta model for the Pietà. He has also had the honor of addressing members of the US government in Washington. Roy was the private guide for Vice-President Biden’s family with the White House Secret Service, and two Oscar winners: Jeremy Irons and Neil Jordan, the star and director of the hit TV series The Borgias.




Milan, Italy

Day of European Jewish Culture 2018/5779 

—  Bet Magazine Mosaico

Published Works

From 2008 to the present

The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the 

Vatican (HarperOne, co-authored with Rabbi Benjamin Blech) - NY Times 

bestseller, published in 15 languages in over 25 countries 

Caravaggio: a light in the shadows (Italian publisher defunct, currently seeking new publisher) 

Veiled in Mystery: the last secret of Michelangelo (Italian publisher defunct, currently seeking new publisher) 

Hidden Beneath the Beauty: Kabbalistic secrets in Italian art and architecture (Rizzoli)

Essays for museum catalogues: 

Les Borgias et leurs temps – Musée Maillol, Paris 

Exhibitions of contemporary Italian artists: Tobia Ravà, Georges de Canino, Luigi Colantuoni, Enrico Robusti

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