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Menu of Lecture Topics

All of which successfully presented in both English and Italian in prestigious venues around the world


NOTE: all topics available in English, Italian

and ASL (American Sign Language)


➤ The Sistine Secrets and the hidden Jewish symbolism of Michelangelo


➤ Sparks from the Bottom of the Boot - the miraculous, true story of the

Jews of San Nicandro


➤ Christian-Jewish relations in Rome


➤ A Light in the Shadows: The Secrets of Caravaggio - 


➤ Hidden Kabbalah in the works of Modigliani


➤ The Secret Soul of Italian Architecture


➤ Kabbalistic Secrets in Italian Art and Architecture


➤ The Secrets of Italian Jewish Cuisine


➤ Unknown Italy


➤ Veiled in Mystery - solving the enigma of a 500 year old Catholic

statue by using the Talmud


➤ Jewish History of Rome


➤ Secret Signs in Art - the unknown history of Deaf influence and Sign

Language in Art (this lecture also offered in American Sign Language)


➤ The Red Line of Courage: inspiring little-known stories of Italian

Christians who heroically saved Jews during the Holocaust


➤ The Ox and the Donkey: the secret meaning of the Bible's "odd couple"


➤ "Who gives life to the dead" - miraculous "resurrections" every day in Israel. Animals, plants, and many other precious things long considered extinct are springing back to life in the miraculous modern state of Israel.


➤Unknown Tales of Jewish Physicians in Rome: from Ancient Rome until today


➤Secrets of the Vatican - just done with great success in Modi'in




1) Are you a Michelangelo? a Leonardo?  A Caravaggio? - 3 geniuses, 3 different approaches to problem solving

2)  Painting with the Brain: how Talmudic "thinking out of the box" has shaped my career as an art detective



3) Why Art?  The unique importance of Art to the business mind and to the corporate world. Just watched a live stream from Tel Aviv from the Gordon Art Gallery. On the panel were:  Christl Novakovic, Head of Wealth Management EMEA, UBS, Roni Gilat-Baharaff, Christie's Israel, Mirav Katri, Outset Israel. All 3 said that the challenge is to get Israelis , especially wealthy business people in high-tech and other corporate fields, to learn to appreciate art and to invest in it. They called it "getting Art into the Israeli DNA".  I have been honoured by the Israeli, Italian and US governments for doing just that, especially getting the next generation interested in Art. This made me think of a 3rd topic to offer in our corporate lectures list:


"Why Art?" This lecture, which I could even give tomorrow, since I have spoken for years on the topic, will make successful business people in Israel appreciate art, mostly by showing them examples that will indeed make them go "Wow!" and convince them that Art is a great investment: financially, culturally, intellectually and of course spiritually. Mirav Katri of Outset Israel said that she is creating special events to this end - the others agreed that a special outreach is greatly needed. 

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